TESC.Love - The Entrepreneurial Saving Cities


(formerly AlphaMision)

(formerly AlphaMission)

The Entrepreneurial Saving Cities is a movement of people of good will dedicated to proving that the free enterprise system works for all Americans.

The Entrepreneurial Saving Cities (TESC.Love) is a movement of people of good will dedicated to proving that the free enterprise system works for all Americans.

Love is a verb: Just do business

Our Mission

A mission worthy
of our best efforts

WE BELIEVE: We strongly advocate for the principle of Equal Opportunity for every individual. We firmly believe that when the Black community is fully engaged in the economy, commensurate with their talents, it will lead to widespread prosperity across the nation.

WE EXIST TO: Create modern versions of thriving Black economic hubs, akin to the historic Black Wall Streets. We aim to achieve this by mobilizing individuals of good will who are committed to demonstrating that the free enterprise system can yield success for anyone willing to excel in an area where they possess world-class potential, given the opportunity.

The Next Great American Movement

Imagine how much better our country will be when we prove that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone, through the voluntary cooperation of people of good will.

TESC.Love's Robert Blackwell Jr. on WGN People to People

why TESC.Love

Why TESC.Love was Created

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Atlanta - An Example To Us All

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We Choose To Go to The Moon

We have made progress, but we have unfinished business



President Kennedy commits the country to a great mission



Black Female Mathematicians


Neil Armstrong depends on Katherine Johnson to get home


Chicago's Johnsons​

Chicago’s three Johnsons played an important role in the nation’s economy, character and aspiration for the country’s black community.​


The Atlanta Way

The Black and White business community focus on economic participation and an Atlanta that works for all.​ “I’d prefer weeds on the runways to no black business participation”—Maynard Jackson

Chicago History

Chicago’s Black Business community plays an important early role in the election of President Barack Obama.​

Economic cooperation of the black and white business communities always leads to progress for our country

The Ecosystem of Cooperation​


We have a mission to prove that the free enterprise system works for all. However, this can’t happen without each and every one of us.


Businesses, their Referrals & Suppliers. State and Local Government

Impact Partners

Community Colleges/ Universities. Training. Other Community Partners.

Lead Partners

Technical Professional Services​. Non-Technical Professional Services. Neighborhood Business Innovation. Mowers and Blowers/ Neighborhood Beautification​. Micro-Developers/ Housing for Tutoring

Community Benefit

TESC.Love: Governance Board​. Black Business Community​. Non-Black Business Community .

“We need a movement of people of good will DEDICATED to proving that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone."

Join Us at TESC.Love

We ask that everyone takes action by partnering with Black and Brown Businesses. We also require that those businesses impacted through the TESC.Love reach back and pull other individuals and businesses from their community forward.

Are you a ceo?

A Black Business?

An Employee Representing your company?

Are you in the public sector?

TESC.Love Mission Programs

0 1

Digital Innovation + Commercialization Campus

Modern Black Wall Street

0 2

Digital Trades Certificate Program

1000+ jobs as Digital Quants, Category Managers and Content Librarians

0 3

Housing for Tutoring Exchange

500 units of free housing for honor roll college students who agree to tutor 5 elementary and/or high school students

0 4

Mowers + Blowers

Neighborhood Beautification program for those re-entering society or under employed

0 5

Entrepreneur Start Up Capital Pool

A Shark Tank-like program for Emerging Black Entrepreneurs to obtain funding for their businesses

0 6

Barbershop Engagement Network

Barbers are paid to provide free haircuts and to engage young people to recruit them into TESC.Love programs

Real Life Stories


Watch some of our entrepreneurs share their experiences

Scott Henderson

Adam Wisniewski​

Shannon Bearden

Micah Askew