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The Next Great American Movement

Imagine how much better our country will be when we prove that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone, through the voluntary cooperation of people of good will.

Creating a pathway for ending the generational poverty of black communities across the country.


Our mission

WE BELIEVE: We strongly advocate for the principle of Equal Opportunity for every individual. We firmly believe that when the Black community is fully engaged in the economy, commensurate with their talents, it will lead to widespread prosperity across the nation.

WE EXIST TO: Create modern versions of thriving Black economic hubs, akin to the historic Black Wall Streets. We aim to achieve this by mobilizing individuals of good will who are committed to demonstrating that the free enterprise system can yield success for anyone willing to excel in an area where they possess world-class potential, given the opportunity.

OUTCOMES: Our target is to foster direct entrepreneurial participation by Black businesses in the modern sectors of the economy, totaling $40 billion by 2028.

STRATEGY: Persuade both major governmental entities and Fortune 1000 companies to actively engage in business transactions through our Lead Partner Program, encouraging them to “Just Do Business” with Black entrepreneurs.

EXECUTION: To bring our strategy to life, we need to cultivate a movement of individuals who possess integrity and a sincere desire to engage in meaningful commerce with Black entrepreneurs in contemporary economic sectors. Our approach centers on encouraging buyers to simply “Just Do Business” with Black companies capable of delivering value. In return for this opportunity, these Black companies will, in turn, collaborate with young and smaller entrepreneurs as subcontractors. This approach will build a pipeline of talent and capacity, creating opportunities for adults and instilling aspirations in younger generations.

The Ecosystem of Cooperation​


We have a mission to prove that the free enterprise system works for all. However, this can’t happen without each and every one of us.


Businesses, their Referrals & Suppliers. State and Local Government

Impact Partners

Community Colleges/ Universities. Training. Other Community Partners.

Lead Partners

Technical Professional Services​. Non-Technical Professional Services. Neighborhood Business Innovation. Mowers and Blowers/ Neighborhood Beautification​. Micro-Developers/ Housing for Tutoring

Community Benefit

TESC.Love: Governance Board​. Black Business Community​. Non-Black Business Community .

Join Us at TESC.Love

We ask that everyone takes action by partnering with Black and Brown Businesses. We also require that those businesses impacted through the TESC.Love reach back and pull other individuals and businesses from their community forward.

Are you a ceo?

A Black Business?

An Employee Representing your company?

Are you in the public sector?

“We need a movement of people of good will DEDICATED to proving that the Free Enterprise System works for everyone."